Consumer of Sorrow

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One Response to Consumer of Sorrow

  1. kaylafranze says:

    This photo essay is called “Consumer of Sorrow” and features 8 photos all taken in what appears to be a grocery store. The pictures all include merchandise as well as a main “character”. The characters in these photos vary a bit in sex but the ethnic diversity is nonexistent. However, it seems as though the detail of the character isn’t important to the shot. The artist uses other methods to draw in the viewer.
    This photo essay features many of the different elements and principles of photography that we have learned, and it is through these elements and principle that the photographer directs the viewer. I can tell from looking at the series that these photos have been manipulated in some way. He deliberately uses light, focus, depth, etc in the photos to accomplish the desired effect; almost all of the elements and principles of photography throughout the essay. He uses light the ambient light of the supermarket which illuminates the photo. He also plays a bit with color balance. There is also some elements of depth of field to guide the viewer. The photographer experiments a bit with perspective and close-ups but not really with camera angle, or not as dramatic as I would have liked. But all these elements and principles come together to create a really dynamic and interesting photo essay.
    The topic in itself is also very interesting which is why I think that he had such a successful attempt at executing this it seems that in the essay the artist was trying to get across the fact that living in America we are a consumer culture, and we are surrounded by “things” that we want to consume and buy. Going to a supermarket is a very interesting way to show consumption (as opposed to a mall).
    I really liked this photo essay and mainly the way that the photos were manipulated to create a certain appeal and emotion. That was very clever. Good job!

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