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Modern Romance

Final Project Link Music Silhouette by Opeth (Open to light shining through a window, pan to see it hit a woman lying in bed.) Male – All are told that love is supposed to make up for any deficiency … Continue reading

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Class of Darkness

Production Journal This has not gone as planned at all.  I had started this by trying to do a trailer for a film I wrote about a year back that I was planning to do in the spring.  I knew … Continue reading

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Why Group Projects Are Never a Good Idea

I wrote a really long comment here that didn’t save.  I’m hoping it comes back.   Open to group of college age kids walking down the street when a hybrid car drives by. Kid 1 – Have you seen the … Continue reading

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The Adventures of Bebs in Food Land

The Adventures of one Woman, her DREAM Man and frozen condiments.

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